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All internally lubricated parts (when damaged from within) including: engine block, cylinder heads, crankshaft and main bearings, crankshaft gears, connecting rods and bearings, camshafts and bearings, camshaft gears, push rods, pistons, rings and pins, intake and exhaust valves, shafts and pivots, timing chain or belts, timing belt tensioners and guides, oil pump and shaft, dip stick and tube. 


Cylinder Block, Cylinder heads and all internal lubricated parts contained within the engine including; Pistons; Piston Rings; Connecting Rods and Bearings; Crankshaft Main Bearings; Camshaft; Camshaft Bearings; Cam Followers; Timing Gears, Guides, Tensioners; Rocker Arms; Rocker Shafts; Rocker Bushings; Cylinder Head Valves; Valve Guides; Valve Lifters; Valve Springs; Valve Seals; Valve Retainers; Valve Seals; Push Rods; Water Pump; Oil Pump and Oil Pump Housing; Harmonic Balancer; Oil Pan; Timing Chain Cover; Intake and Exhaust Manifolds; Valve Covers; Engine Mounts.

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