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Why should I choose Canadian Auto Warranty?

CAW offers a variety of packages to meet everyone's needs in extended auto warranty. From a top up warranty for extra coverage beyond the factory powertrain warranty to premium protection, we got you covered. CAW ensures that all of our customers have peace of mind, knowing that whatever may happen, they are covered. 

How do I file a claim with Canadian Auto Warranty?

We make claims very straightforward - just call 1 (888) 674 - 8549 during our business hours of Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm EST. Have your Warranty Agreement and current odometer reading available. We will then direct you to our nearest repair facility a supply you with your claim number. 

What if a CAW Repair Centre can not provide "same day" emergency service?

You are covered! We will reimburse you up to $150 maximum with a $50 maximum per day for lodging,meals,bus or taxi, if you are more than 150 kilometers away from home. 

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